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Zoo / Night Safari

Actually, thought of blogging it tomorrow, especially since i'm really tired at this late hour.. But, I just couldn't wait to blog about what happened today! As mention, is our trip to the Zoo & Night Safari!

Bf came over to meet me at 8am this morning.. and we took bus 178 to Mandai. With sunblock, umbrella, a 1.5 litres of water, and some cash, we're more than ready to start of our day at the Zoo. A place that is so uniquely Singapore.

Initially, we thought of having our breakfast at the KFC, before proceeding into the Zoo. But who knows that the KFC opens at 10am! We gave up on the idea of having breakfast, and so, went to purchase our admission tickets! Is a 2-in-1Park Hopper Tickets, meaning Zoo plus the Night Safari, for a cost of $30.

We got two of the tickets, together with a map for Zoo and the other for the Night Safari, and off we go into the Zoo.. We was attracted to the huge souvenir shop right in front of us, and thus went in for shopping, though the item…