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21st Birthday Day 3

Movie was at 1:55am.. So at around 1:30pm, we took a cab down to Orchard Cineleisure..

Wanted to get nachos.. but all they got is only popcorn and nothing else.. :( So that’s the disadvantage of watching late night movie ya?

It was around 4am after movie and we started to get hungry again. Fortunately the Swensen’s Café located just right outside Cineleisure is still opened!

Fish & chips and mint ice cream in the middle of the night :)

After meal, we slowly walk down along Orchard Road.. It was so quiet at night and taxi was so easily available ANYWhere! We walked all the way till Plaza Sing before hailing a cab back to the hotel..

It was our last day there so we didn’t really want to waste any of our time.. Decided to go swimming again at the Sky Park.. But they are only open at 7am..So back to hotel room, I went to bath and started to do some packing up for our stuff while waiting for time to pass.. As for him, back to dreamland.. Zzzzz..

It was still very early (around 6:30am) …

21st Birthday Day 2

If I didn’t remember wrongly, I supposed I woke up at around 11am that morning.. Bf was still sleeping.. So I started playing with the camera and snap more pictures!

I love the Polaroid we took the night before! :)

Bf woke up slightly later.. We then changed and get ready to go out to have lunch..(A lotmore pictures took before we went out.. Haha!)

After we have enough dosage of pictures, we then went out to have our late breakfast / early lunch.Walked over to Singapore Flyer to have Popeyes for lunch!

As we’ve decided to go swimming at Sky Park, I needa go get my swimwear first! So after we finished our lunch, we walked over to Millennium Walk!.. and went to Parco to take a look.

I find that the concept of Parco is a little weird..