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Universal Studios Singapore (Part 4)

Here are some tips to share if you’re planning to come in to Universal Studios Singapore:

First - come on a normal weekday! (Not normal weekday here is referring to school holidays or public holidays) Because you can really save on a lot of the time for queuing, and that would means that you’ll have more time for other attractions or even try twice for those that you like!

Secondly - prior to coming to the theme park, try to get hold of the show timing sheet and studio guide. In this way, you can get to plan your schedule before hand and lower the chance of missing out on any of the show or performance.

Thirdly - go for rides that are more popular first, especially so if you’re coming on a peak period. This includes rides like BattleStar Galactica CYLON / HUMAN, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer.

Fourth - if you happened to shop for merchandise when you just came in or in the early afternoon, do remember to use the package pick-up service available. Th…

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 3)

We’re getting hungry after taking all the rides so decided to pop by Goldilocks to have their homemade special 7-spice chicken!

It was nearly 6 plus by the time we finished eating. One last tour around Far Far Away before we left for Sci-Fi City!

Ancient Egypt..

We managed to reach Sci-Fi City at around 6:45pm.. Just in time for a one last ride on CYLON and HUMAN before the whole park close at 7pm.

Right before we left, we made a last stop over at SilverScreen for some last minute shopping!

Super tiring day after all the walking, queuing, eating and playing!

This trip was a really nice and smooth one!

First of all is because we didn’t spent much time on the queue for almost all the attractions. Most of them only took us 5mins, whereas there is some where we don’t even have to queue at all. The longest we queued for is 15mins for the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

We’ll probably be going for another trip sometime this year with my family again.

Till then..

P/S: Look out for the next pos…

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)

After coming out from the WaterWorld show, our plan was to catch the Monster Rock show over at the Pantages Hollywood Theater at 2:30pm. So, meanwhile, we decided to walk down to Hollywood zone to have our lunch!

While passing by Far Far Away..

Magnificent castle :) + Gloomy weather :(
We managed to catch Shrek & Fio~na!!
Then while passing by Madagascar, we saw the cast..
Photo with King Julien..
and with Gloria! So cute!!

Location: Hollywood
Attractions: Pantages Hollywood Theater - Monster Rock

We settled lunch over at Mel’s Drive In.. Yummy crispy chicken burger!

After fulfilling our stomach, we’re just in time for the Monster Rock show. But before going in to the theater, we quickly walked over to the popcorn cart to get my popcorn! That’s one of the thing I reminded myself to get during this trip :)

This show is basically a rock-n-roll musical involving around the universal classic monsters.. Similarly, the show lasted for around 30mins.

After coming out from the theater, we walk…