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2011 Bali Trip Day 1

I'm finally back to Singapore from our 5 days trip in Bali! Even though I miss all the fun that we had in Bali, is nice to be back to a familiar place.


We depart from Singapore on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 10:35 and were scheduled to arrive at Bali - Denpasar at 13:10.

Early that morning, I went out at around 6:30am in the morning and went to meet bf at Batok station. We decided to save on transport and took the train down to Changi Airport :) Luckily we didn’t have big luggage with us and the train wasn’t that crowded.

Managed to reach Changi Airport at 8am, where we took the sky train from T3 to T1.

VF 241 to Bali..
We checked in at around 8:35am and proceed to shop and dine around the duty free area.

BK Breakfast!

Gate opened, and we’re waiting to board the plane..

I’ve this to accompany me throughout the 2hour plus flight, but I ended up falling asleep in the plane.