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2011 Bali Trip Day 5

May 28, 2011 - The fifth and final day we were in Bali!

The night before when we came back from Kuta, we were supposedly going to pack up our belongings. But I was simply too tired after going out for the whole day so I ended up falling asleep! Eventually woke up at around 4am and started to do the packing..

Even though I never really do much shopping during this trip, there were still things that I need to squeeze in to my rather small luggage. Finally get everything into the luggage after some time.. And I went back to sleep!

Woke up again at around 6am and the sky was starting to brighten up..

Wash up and changed, before going out for our last breakfast in Bali.

We had been sitting at this spot for the past 4 days..
After breakfast, I wasn't feeling very well so bf accompany me back to the villa for a short nap, before we head out again for some last minute shopping.

Likewise, we decided to walk out of the villa to the main road to hail a cab.

And on the way out, we saw cows aga…

2011 Bali Trip Day 4 - Part 3 (Jimbaran Beach)

I believe I did mention that the sun set in Bali is rather early as compare to Singapore?

And it was particularly early on that day when we were heading down to Jimbaran. On our way there, our driver told us that sunset for that day was at 6:15pm. Which was why we didn't make it in time to reach Jimbaran after leaving the Uluwatu Temple :(

We reached Jimbaran Beach at around 6:45pm to have our considerably "early" dinner.

It was the night before we left Bali, so bf wanted us to have a nice dinner to mark a nice ending to this trip. That's basically another reason why we were there for our seafood dinner by the beach.

After being brought to our seats, we were given the menu and initially we thought that we can order our food right on the spot, base on the menu. However, our server told us that we'll have to go out to look and pick our dish, so all we have to do was to order the drinks first.

After looking through the menu and placed order for our drinks, we procee…