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Mimi's Wedding

It was Mimi's wedding last Sunday :) And a few of us went for her wedding lunch held at Desa Kartika at The Heeren.


I left at around 2:30pm and went over to meet bf at Scape for the flea market.

Gong cha as usual..

First time trying yoghurt from red mango and we had the mango flavour topped with marshmallow. Didn't really like it cos the taste is just weird and the marshmallow were too powdery. Plus, the price ain't cheap too.

And that was bf helping me to join BO for Hollyhoque cardigan.

Decided to close early at around 8 plus and went for dinner at Cineleisure before heading home.

But that night, we've the worst time trying to get a cab home. We tried calling for one since 9 plus, but all the line were either engaged or they just left us on the line for 10 minutes and eventually told us there wasn't a cab available, and asked us to call back again!

Then, we tried crossing over to Ngee Ann City to get a cab, but all we saw was just long taxi queue and no taxi …