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Food For Thought

Went out again on Friday to give him a break from studying.

As usual, we reached the bus stop and took bus 106, without knowing where to go other than town. And while on the journey, discussing where to have our lunch, I have the sudden idea of going to try Food For Thought, since I've been hearing so many people talking about it. And anyway, the bus happened to pass by SAM too. So with the help of the iPhone, it should be easy for us to locate the place.

Alighted from the bus and walked a short distance and there we're at Food For Thought! (It's actually at the exact location that we went previously for the Forfleasake flea market, located right behind SAM!)

It's actually a very cosy environment with friendly staff around. We were given a seat right in the middle, but because the guy seating on the table next to us was talking so loudly, we decided to shift to the table next to the glass window instead.

Choice of pancakes.

Weather started to turn gloomy.. And eventual…


Hasn't been blogging for the past 1 week! o.o

Have been going out so frequently lately and spending more money.. (Where is my self-control again??) But apart from going shopping, I've also been working hard taking new photos of all the iPhone cases. Going to use them online and hopefully get to earn more moolah! Haha!


When out with Amanda last Sunday and shopped for the whole day. Weather wasn't kind on us and it was raining the whole day. (Imagine walking from Cineleisure all the way till Plaza Sing with just one umbrella to share.)

Have their "The Best Combo".. But how can it be the best when they comes like this??

Red Velvet cupcake and a slice of chocolate cake.

And just this slice of chocolate cake cost $8!!

After our tea-break / breakfast, we walked down to the flea market at Scape and bought more OPI nail polishes again! o.o

Then, we went to shop for shoes at Centerpoint, have lunch and eventually walked down to Plaza Sing to get craft materials. Pla…

22nd Birthday

Photos from earlier today.. My 22nd birthday celebration (Hmm, couldn’t call it a celebration because is just another normal day. Feel pretty much like we’re going dating instead of celebrating)

Pretty roses <3
Met at around 3pm and head down to town to have our lunch at Paragon, Ding Tai Feng.

Ordered 1 fried rice + 5 dishes to share...
红油抄手! :D
Feeling super bloated after meal!

We travelled down to Suntec City right after lunch and basically spent the rest of the day between Suntec and Marina Square.. Also went for shopping at New Look because members get 20% off on birthday month! :))

Stopped by at TCC at City Link, where we ordered some finger food + drinks..

I think that basically sum up how I welcome my 22nd birthday!

Already feeling old mentally..

Mummy's Birthday / Marina Bay Sands

Came back this morning from the 2D1N stay at Marina Bay Sands! My present for mummy's birthday this year. So glad that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Made a reservation earlier on from the website, and decided to get the Premier room with City View. So, with that, we're guaranteed to be in either Tower 1 or Tower 2, 19th floor and above.

The whole family checked in yesterday afternoon at around 14:30 though the supposed check in time was at 15:00 which I thought was really late. Really excited because we managed to get the room at Tower 1, 48th floor! The room I got last year for my birthday was also at Tower 1, but at 46th floor instead.

Lovely weather out there!

After all the excitement and photo taking, we took the lift up to the Sky Park at the 57th floor.

Awesome view!

Came back down and it was around 15:30, when mummy said she wanted to tour around other parts of MBS! So, we decided to walk around (two younger sisters decided to stay at the hotel room) to the Casino and sh…