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NARNIA + TITANIC Exhibition(s)

Yesterday is such a fulfilling day because I went to catch 2 exhibitions! Both held at Marina Bay Sands :)

Arranged to meet up at 3pm, and bf show up with a surprise..

The rose came a little different this time round because bf specially asked the florist to add pink glitters on them. And somehow, it has a strong smell of perfume? Ha.

Anyway, we took bus down to town and stopped by Plaza Sing to grab some food (Chippy cheese sausage + mash and 10 tako balls!), before taking the train down to Bayfront Station.

And to be honest, I think the train direction is really quite confusing. .

We took the circle line down from Dhoby to Promenade Station, alighted, and took an escalator up to another platform to take the train that bring us to Bayfront Station (there is actually 2 trains at that platform.. one heading to Dhoby and the other to Marina Bay).

Reached MBS shortly later and went to the box office to get the tickets right away.

Initially, our intention was just to catch the Titanic ex…

Last of 2011

I know I’m a little late.. When people had all done their final blog entry for year 2011, rounding up all the things that happened for the past year, planning and writing down their new year resolutions, etc.

But excuse me, because work + laziness had get on to me and I'm only able to draft up this post on the 4th of January 2012.

Anyway, I know I have to do up a post to sum up the wonderful 2011! Don't you think the past year had been pretty amazing? With so many new things + changes around us. So if you're interested, let me bring you through my year 2011..


That was my last present of 2010! [ 1st January ]

Fooling around [ 8th January ]

Went for my first ever concert and it was for Taylor Swift! [ 9th February ]

Valentine's Day [ 14th February ]

Universal Studios Singapore [ 24th February ]

Sakinah's Birthday Chalet [ 3rd March ]

Dentist Visit [ 26th March ]