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Disney On Ice Presents Let's Celebrate

DISNEY ON ICE Presents Let's Celebrate!

L'Oreal Warehouse Sale + Popular Sale @ EXPO

After all, I still went for the L'Oreal Warehouse Sale at EXPO..

Was supposed to meet bf after he ends work yesterday night.. But somehow, he got hold up at work on the very last minute, so I ended up have to travel down to EXPO alone.

Reached there at around 7:30pm and managed to successfully find my way to the exact venue.

I was actually surprised that it was considered quite crowded when I reached.. And I almost couldn't squeeze into the Maybelline counter. There was this one big group of people crowding in front of the lipsticks corner where the lipsticks are going off at 3 for S$20! (I suppose when you consider the original price of a Maybelline lipstick is between S$12.90 to S$15.90; it was definitely a steal?)

Anyway, I walk around the various sections and pick up a few items along the way which I thought was really a good deal :)

Bf came over to join me at around 8pm when I was just about to make payment.

The cashier actually overcharged me for my purchase.. But I wa…