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2012 Batam - Day 3 (Diamond City Mall / Kepri Mall)

Our final day in Batam before we end our 3D2N trip.

Start off the day with breakfast! More selections of food because we went down much earlier than the day before.

See how much food we got!

Done with our meal and decided to walk down to the beach again. This time round taking another route down, so we get to pass by the villa.

Spot the sea right behind those trees!

Continue walking down towards the villa...

OMG I need to stay in this villa and overlook view like these:

How gorgeous is that view!

2012 Batam - Day 2 (Nagoya Shopping Centre / Batam City Square / Rezeki Seafood Restaurant)

Started the day with breakfast at Wangi Melati Coffee House at Level 1 of the hotel.

I believe we went down quite late, (around 09:00 - 09:30) so we were left with not much selections of food.

Fresh fruits with honey stars!

Back to the room to grab our stuff before heading out to Nagoya Shopping Centre. Figured out it'll be much cheaper to take the shuttle service provided by the hotel (at SGD5 / pax) to the mall than asking the hotel to get us a taxi.

Unlike the time we stayed in Bali, it was impossible to walk out to the main road to get a taxi. Thus, the only way was to ask the hotel to help us call for one, which resulted it being very expensive.

Streets of Batam:

That's Kepri Mall right in front.

Nagoya Shopping Centre

I don't think I've mentioned, but the night before when we came to Nagoya, we ordered a pair of customised plushies. Emailed our photos to the shop owner that night and we were told to return the following day to collect the items.

Lots of designs a…