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Beauty Haul From Bangkok

After I got back from Bangkok and gave out all the stuff I bought for others, I came to realise that I didn't really get much stuff for myself.

Here's a list of stuff that I got:
Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck, panda screen wiper, 1 pair of flats, 3 sets of rings, 2 Naraya Bags, a card holder, a coin pouch, a handphone case, a dust cover, a dress, 3 tops and 3 pairs of denim shorts.

Is really not that much, considering the fact that I went to Bangkok?

Nonetheless, I must admit that I did go a little overboard and bought quite a number of make-ups during this trip. So with that, I thought I’ll do a mini beauty haul from Bangkok.

Basically I only shop at 2 places.. Watsons and Boots. So happy to spot Boots in Thailand. (It's something like "Watsons" in the UK, so they have beauty brands like Maybelline, Revlon and even Soap & Glory!)

First up, I've two Revlon nail polishes! 430 Whimsical and 441 Radiant

They’re sort of special because, if you look through…

2012 Bangkok - Day 3 (Departure)

So after having my late night supper, I went back to take a nap before waking up again at 04:00. Didn’t want to waste our time since it was our last day in Bangkok, so I told the Boyfriend I wanted to go downstairs to have a look (Hoping that the massage place or McDonald's is open).

But ended up, none of the places was opened, but we did notice quite a number of people preparing to set up their temporary tents. It was only 04:00 in the morning, but people were starting to set up their stall! That makes me feel bad that I always complain when I went to set up flea markets at 14:00.

I didn’t want to shop at 04:00 when people were busy setting up their stalls, so we just walk down the streets, and ended up seeing train and RATS! I got the scare of my life when the rats just ran right in front of my foot! And there were at least ten of them by the roadside; with each one at least 1.5 x the size of those we see in Singapore!

Of course, we ran for our life!

Went back up to the hotel an…

2012 Bangkok - Day 2 (Baiyoke Sky Hotel / Pratunam Market / Central World)

Started Day 2 with breakfast in the hotel.

We didn't opt for the buffet breakfast while we book our rooms, but decided to go for it that morning because we thought it will be a good experience since breakfast was served at 82 floor, where we get to overlook the entire view of Bangkok city.

And it proves to be a right decision because the food served was good!

Apart from the above plate, I stuffed my tummy with chicken congee, saba fish, coconut puddings, fresh fruits and fruit juice, etc! So good!


Then after we were done with breakfast, it was time to head out for our day two of shopping. We started off with walking at the morning market located just below our hotel (which is also the same place that we went for our night market the night before).

Beside those temporary tents that you see below, we also went in to the "market" area where all the permanent stores are. There, you can find lots of wholesale clothing. T-shirts, dresses, jeans, bags, etc.

And by wholesal…