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Wedding Gowns

As you might already know, my elder sister is getting married on coming January!

Time is moving at such a crazy speed. It seem like not long ago I just wrote about her getting proposed. But that is in fact six months ago!

So for the time being she is getting herself busy with all the preparations: wedding banquet, wedding bands, wedding gowns, photo shoots, etc. And even though she had already picked up a few of her wedding gowns from her bridal boutique, she is still looking around for alternatives.

And that is how I ended up going with her for a gown trying session on Thursday.

FYI, the place that we went to is not the bridal boutique that she signed her package with. It is in fact a residential area located in Yew Tee, whereby the owner actually does "ala-carte" for all these wedding related stuff.. (Photo shoots, make-up, selling / renting of wedding gowns, etc.)

I was actually quite surprise at the number of wedding gowns that they offered..

The owner stays in a 5 ro…

L'Oreal Warehouse Sale @ EXPO - 22 Jun

Went to L'Oreal Warehouse Sale last weekend!

Probably wouldn't have gone if we didn't happen to be heading down to Pasir Ris. But since it's just a few stations away, we thought why not just go and have a look.


Crazy sales going on.. With L'Oreal mascara selling at S$15 each, Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks at three for S$20 and three Maybelline eye liners at S$10!

If you ever plan on expanding your make-up collection, then this is the event to go. You can definitely save a lot more as compared to buying them from Watsons (despite the ongoing 20% sale at Watsons)..

And well, I did pick up quite a few items from there too. Though it's not a must to buy, the price / value make it so difficult to resist. Haa..

After leaving L'Oreal Sale, we also went over to Robinson Sale, which was just few halls down.. Similarly, tons of good deals going on too.. (Bf got a shirt from G2000 for only 15 bucks! What a steal!)

Shall look out for more of these…

Dinner at Traders Hotel Cafebiz

Went to Traders Hotel for buffet dinner on Monday night with the family!

Traders Hotel is in fact the venue that my sis will be holding her wedding banquet at, so apart from trying out their buffet dinner, my sis also wanted to show us how the ballroom look like since none of us was there when she booked the banquet.

Dad driving <3

We reached there at around 7pm with a reservation.

My first plate of food!

No photos for the subsequent plates as I'm too busy eating and my plates were all in a mess.

Grill prawns!

Overall, for the price that we paid (Is S$66/pax, but there was a 1-for-1 promo on weekdays for selected credit cards) I think it was pretty worth it.

Food selections include: chinese dishes, laksa, satay, roasted duck / pork, cold prawn / crabs, salmon sashimi, sushi, salad, dessert, etc. Though there weren't a lot of choices available, I believe they are definitely enough to fill your tummy. I stuffed mine with sashimi, satay, prawns and desserts! :)

Then after o…

Le Flea Boutique

After six months, the Boyfriend finally completed his attachment last Friday! One more year to go before he graduates from university. And I'm so proud of him for getting himself two projects and working as freelance programmer now before he head back to school again in August.

So since we didn't went for flea market last weekend, we spent both days out in town shopping. Below are some photos from Saturday dinner at Ichiban at Centerpoint..

Yummy salmon handroll!


Then come Sunday, we met up early again for breakfast at Burger King.

Love the new breakfast platter that they now offer, which come with croissant, sausage, hash browns and eggs + ham. I think I might prefer this slightly more than the usual one from McDonald's.

Then after we're done with breakfast, the Boyfriend said he's going to bring me somewhere for shopping, and I found myself ended up in Tanjong Pagar.

Honestly, Tanjong Pagar is never the place that I'll associate with "shopping"…

WE Cinema 1st Birthday + 3D Preview of Madagascar 3

It was WE Cinema 1st birthday and they're celebrating it by giving out free movie tickets to the 3D Preview of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted!

Backtrack a little...

I was at West Mall last week and happened to pass by the cinema. Saw a booth that was set up at the entrance but I didn't think much of it and just walk straight to the PO. But while I was queuing up at the PO, I randomly remember reading an email about WE Cinema 1st birthday, and they're giving out movie tickets at West Mall. So I made a mental note to walk back to the cinema when I'm done and ask for the details to get the tickets.

As easy as it sounds, all I've to do is to let them take a photo of me in that crazy colourful wig, along with holding my membership card and I'm entitled to two movie tickets to the event. It was really simple, nothing too crazy. And I'm really lucky because I read from Facebook that the tickets were fully redeemed at the end of the day.

So with those two …