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Nacho Cheese Dip

I'm having these for dinner!

Just done with work stuff and it’s too late to go out to get dinner, so resulting to having these. No complaint though because these are really yummy!

Ever since I know where to get this cheese dip, I've more or less stopped buying nacho from the cinema..

I love to scoop the cheese into a small metal bowl and add in a few tablespoons of milk, before heating it up. The milk actually helps to dilute the cheese.. So you get to decide how much milk to add in base on how thick you like your cheese to be.

You can get this at Cold Storage, Shop & Save and maybe selected NTUC? It's around S$6.15 for a bottle.

As for the chips, I prefer to get the one from the same brand..

SCOOPS! They're like small, little bowls whereby you can fill the cheese in it..

You can find this at Shop & Save. I believe one big bag like this is around S$6..

It might seem expensive to buy the cheese + chips, but I usually can have at least 4 to 5 servings out of a b…

5th Anniversary @ Singapore Zoo

OOTD snapshots..

Our 60th months together.. ♥

Was thinking of where we should go on our anniversary as I wanted to do something different than the usual dining and movie.. Was considering between going to USS or to the zoo, and ended up choosing the latter because USS on a weekend is just not fun! Haa..

Changed two buses to get to our destination!

Perhaps is not the smartest idea to come to the zoo on a Saturday too.. Because the place was crowded with lots of families (children in particular) and company coming in for event.

NTUC card members get 30% off admission tickets! As such, we only paid S$28 for two.

Our getting our tickets, we went for an early lunch at KFC right outside the entrance. And by the time we’re done with our meal, it started raining heavily outside :( Still, we decided to proceed in and ended up getting an umbrella from the gift shop.

Panda attack!

Spotted these cute pandees..