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Kungfu Paradise

Sunday dinner at Junction 10 Mall, Kungfu Paradise.

Just because we wanted to meet at somewhere that is convenient to the both of us, so Junction 10 Mall seem like an ideal location for dinner! Despite being such a small shopping mall, there is actually quite a number of eateries in there..

And after looking around, we decided to try out Kungfu Paradise, as my sis had previously been to the outlet at Jcube and recommend me to give it a try.

Promo for weekdays lunch..

What we ordered..

And while waiting for food to be served..

I'm obsessed with wearing scarf wherever I go / whenever it's possible :|

Food came shortly after..

1) Kungfu Bun

Very nice Kungfu Bun! >> Toast with butter and condensed milk.

2) Dry Noodle with Chicken Chop

3) Soup Noodles with Poached US Marbled Beef (Spicy)

Love everything in there, except for the egg.

4) Steamed Lava Custard Bun

They're super generous with the custard! It tastes nicer when it's still hot.

Total bill came up to S$30 and…

Night Festival 2012

Wow. It been more than 2 weeks since I last posted an entry.. Well, my life hasn't been too happening lately and I haven't been heading out as often as I wish to!

I guess my favourite pastime for the last 2 weeks had been painting my nails though. I had been posting a number of NOTD post on my other blog, so refer to the tab above for pictures! (I ♥ my fishtail braid nails and gradient nails!)

Headed down to town yesterday! Basically all we did were walk around, find some food / snacks along the way and eventually ended up at the Singapore Art Museum / National Museum for the Night Festival 2012.

late lunch at Popeyes..

Then it was Frolick at The Cathay.

happiness comes in a cup.

Walked further down to Bugis.. And finally try out i ♥ taimei.

Extra crispy chicken + tofu fries w cheese powder + winter melon tea!

The food turn out to be average.. The chicken was probably a tad too oily for my liking and ended up the so called "tofu fries" were actually fried beancurd?