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Food Tasting @ Traders Hotel

So like I mentioned in my previous entry, we finally went for the food tasting dinner for my sister wedding banquet! Can't believe it's only 6 to 7 weeks away from her actual wedding day.

And I have yet to search for the dress that I'm going to wear for the wedding banquet, and yet to find a suitable wedding gift for them! (Regardless, I need to get them done in December!)

* This entry is going to fill with pictures of mouth-watering dishes. For once, the food really does taste as good as it looks!

Dinner was scheduled to be at 7pm at Traders Hotel last Tuesday. And for this dinner, we have ten of us; including my family, Boyfriend, Ben and his parents. This will also be exactly how we'll be sitting on the actual day. Unlike others, we'll only be having one "red" table on that day. Because according to my mum, since one table is enough to fit both families, it'll be nice if we could all sit together, instead of separating to two tables.

* Not going to…

Studio M Hotel

Went for a little stay-cation at Studio M Hotel sometime early last week!

Okay, to put it clear, I actually didn't stay over. But bf did. And I ended up going there early the next morning and brought him breakfast :|

Anyway, for this whole "stay-cation" thingy.. I guess he knows how "upset" I was that he'll be going away for two weeks in December, and leaving me all alone here :( The last time I recall he left was when he went to Tekong for 5 days.. And I believe the longest time we have not met each other (ever since we were together) is also +/- 5 days?

Can't imagine he'll be going away for 15 days, without me?

He is probably going to compensate by buying back lots of souvenir for me.

ANYWAY, back to the stay at Studio M Hotel..

We checked in at around 2pm and spent the rest of our afternoon there.

Bought Subway sandwiches with us before we checked in so that we didn't have to go out to look for lunch.. Because even though Studio M is locate…

IKEA Tampines

Went to IKEA Tampines with the boyfriend last week!

As usual, we always take bus 168 down from Woodlands bus interchange. I personally feel that it’s faster this way as compared to taking train to Bedok.

Perfect weather in the afternoon..

Menu for the day
Upon reaching, the first thing we did was to go for lunch at the IKEA restaurant..

Begin with our first round of shopping right after lunch!

I love shopping for new beddings in IKEA.. All of them look so comfy..

My pick is this set of turquoise one :)

After leaving IKEA, we also went next door to Courts before crossing over to Giant Hypermarket..

One of my favourite sections is the cereal aisle..