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"Running Man" - Christmas Party 2012

Went for a Christmas gathering with my Secondary schoolmates on Saturday morning :)

Was supposed to meet up with the group at 10am for breakfast at West Mall, but, I overslept. Managed to reach West Mall at around 11am eventually and joined the rest for breakfast at Burger King.

Initially, our plan was to have pot-luck together. But in order to make it convenient for all; we decided to just meet for breakfast together, before heading over to Shu Mei's place for the actual Christmas celebration.

First thing we did upon reaching was to start by playing some mini games (while we wait for Sabrina and Jasmine to reach) Haa.. I don’t even remember the names of those games we played, but it was kind of "rough" and I ended up hurting my poor toe!

Then, we decided to switch to some other "less-physical" games.. One of which was the one with the Killer, Healer and Civilian, whereby you need to guess who the Killer was? Haa.. I must agree that Pei Boon was such a good act…

Gown Fitting

Accompanied my sis for gown fitting last Tuesday! Only 3 more weeks till her actual wedding day.. How fast!

I've already ordered two dresses for myself on which I planned to wear for her wedding banquet. I think the dresses will probably only reach me some time in the first week of January.. Really hope that they'll fit me well by the time it reached so that there won't be a need for some last minute shopping.

Anyway, back to the gown fitting session..

We reached the bridal boutique at around 4:30pm that afternoon after having our lunch. The place was situated at somewhere along River Valley Road, pretty near to Studio M Hotel actually.

All the colourful evening gowns..

And just like the last time when we're there for the photo shoot, the person doesn't allow us to take any photos in there.. But I still managed to sneakily capture a few shots of my pretty sister!

I believe she must have tried at least 15 gowns that afternoon, for both day (white gown) and…

Maybelline Th'INK IT Flea / Paradise Dynasty / Ah Loy Thai

Went to the Maybelline Th’INK IT Fashion Flea with Sherlyn and Shu Rong last Saturday at Orchard Scape! (Amanda wasn't free to join us that day, or it will be the 4 of us shopping together in town after so long!)

The event started at 12noon and lasted till 6pm with 3 fashion shows, and participating fashion labels include Hollyhoque, The Tinsel Rack, VainGloriousYou, etc.. Maybelline was also pre-launching their new Color Tattoo 24HR that day at a special price of S$13 each!

We reached town at around 1pm and as we had already pre-ordered the tickets (tickets were at S$5 each) prior to going, we each got a complimentary Maybelline goodie bag upon entering. Each goodie bag consist of 4 full size Maybelline products and shopping vouchers from the participating labels.

Crowd queuing at the Maybelline Make-over counter..
Eyestudio Hypersharp Liner / Color Tattoo / Lashionista Mascara

I was really pleased with myself for not spending at all at the event! :)

Frankly, there weren't …

Kith Café

Met up with darlings for dinner on Wednesday night :)

Planned to have our dinner at Kith Café, located in Park Mall because apparently it was recommended by ladyironchef!

My initial plan for that day was to leave house at 5pm, so that I could have sufficient time to travel to and fro from MBS, before going to Dhoby Ghaut. However due to some last minute issues and bad traffic on a Wednesday evening, I ended up reaching town at close to 7pm. Couldn't even make it to MBS without running late.

18 of these lucky draw cards waiting to be dropped off at MBS!

Met up with Sherlyn at Plaza Sing and saw the huge Starbucks located at the new extension, which reminds me of the 1-for-1 Christmas drinks!

So we got ourselves a Toffee Nut Latte & Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha!

I think among the 3 Christmas drinks that Starbucks is having this year, Toffee Nut Latte still taste the best! I totally couldn't taste the cranberry / white chocolate in my drinks.

Then, after meeting up with …

Betrothal Gift Exchange

Betrothal Gift Exchange, also known as 过大礼 - is the day where the groom, together with his friends or relatives, come over to the bride's house to deliver the betrothal gifts. Often these gifts were exchanged between both sides and formed as parts of the Chinese wedding custom.

Usually, the date will be fixed around one month or so before their actual wedding date and for my sister, this day took place on last Sunday morning.

Our whole family had to wake up rather early that morning, waiting for Ben (together with his Aunt and cousin, if I'm not wrong) to come over with the wedding cakes and all the other gifts. Most of the time, it include things like cans of pig trotters, bottles of hard liquor, 2 pairs of dragon and phoenix candles, ang pows for the bride money (聘金) and diaper money, etc.

The wedding invites, wedding cakes and the cans of "pig trotters" will then be given out to our relatives later in the day.

In the meantime, on the bride’s side, we actually have…