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Disney On Ice Presents Princesses & Heroes

Thanks to the boyfriend who surprised me with the tickets last month, I was out earlier this morning to catch the Disney On Ice show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!

He actually got us tickets for the morning show which was playing at 10am.. And gosh, we were almost late for the show because this boy was half an hour late in meeting me. We ended up rushing like mad switching at Bishan station from the red line to circle line, and basically ran all the way from the (Stadium) MRT station to the stadium itself.

We probably should avoid getting tickets for any morning shows in the future because it seems like we always have difficulties waking up in the morning :|

Similar to last year, there was a ten minutes break in between the two hours show, so we made used of the opportunity to go out and take a look at the merchandise for this year shows.

The set up was almost the same as what they had last year, only that the merchandise was slightly different (Meaning same type of merchandise, bu…

Singapore's Largest Balloon Landscape

Went out earlier this afternoon to meet up with the boyfriend..

His classes actually ends at 12:30pm and it was nice for him to offer to accompany me down to City Hall to settle some of my work stuff (Yes, I'm going to start work really soon!).

As my appointment was still another three hours away, we managed to go for a quick lunch at Raffles City Subway before walking over to Marina Square for some shopping.

Randomly walked in to Times Bookstore and saw these cute notebooks on the shelves.

Not sure if you can read the headings, but some of my favourites are:

I am not forgetful. I am having a senior moment. (light blue)
I am not bossy. I am taking charge. (black)
I am not demanding. I am a perfectionist. (blue)
I am not reckless. I am a risk taker. (orange)
I am not late. You are early. (red)
I am not sleeping. I am meditating. (beige)

And not missing out the one that suit me the most:

I am not a shopaholic. I am helping the economy.

Ha ha ha.

Well, it was quite expensive for such a smal…