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Cousin's Wedding @ InterContinental Hotel

Went for my cousin's wedding two Sundays ago (May 12th, 2013) at The InterContinental Hotel.

Unlike all the wedding banquets that I've been to so far, this was actually my first time attending a wedding lunch. Based on the invitation card, the cocktail reception will commence at 12 noon, followed by the actual banquet at 1pm.

As always, I'm thankful that we've my dad to drive us there. I believed we reached there probably at around 12:30pm?

Took some pictures with my youngest sister while we're on our way there..

Perfect lightings in the car!

And while waiting at the lobby for my sister and Ben to join us, I've my sis to help me to snap just a few more pictures.

Outfit of the day was the Serenade Lace Dress in White from The Closet Lover, matched with a box bag from Topshop and a pair of cream heels.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to snap pictures around the hotel lobby. The place was really beautiful.

Since all of us were nicely dressed up, it w…