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Minion Invasion

Was in town two Sundays ago with the boyfriend.

We had plans to go for some shopping that day as he needed to get some new stuff in preparation for his upcoming job interviews. But before we began with all the crazy shopping, the first stop was to CenterPoint to grab some lunch and where else but Smoothie King again!

Choosing our (fat free) smoothie from the above list..

We ended up ordering two smoothie (Orange Revolution and Pineapple Pleasure), one Fresh Honey Mustard Chicken Breast Wrap and one Fresh Teriyaki Chicken Breast Wrap.

The boyfriend doesn't usually go for the fresh wrap as he would rather choose to have something hot / warm. But unfortunately, all the Hot & Grill Wraps weren't available at the time we went; hence he got no choice but to go for the Fresh Teriyaki Wrap.

And well, as predicted, he didn't like it.. So I ended up had to finish one and a half wraps all by myself. #notcomplaining

We left CenterPoint right after we're done with lunch and wal…