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6th Anniversary (Au Chocolat Confiserie / Stewords Riverboat)

Finally doing up a proper blog post for today! :) And today's entry is basically going to be all about our 6th anniversary celebration which took place two Sundays ago..

Arranged to meet the boyf at 11am that morning and this guy was actually late for more than an hour and a half :( We had already planned our itinerary for that day way before hand, and because of this, we've to cancel our initial plan of going to the ArtScience Museum. To be honest, I was a tad disappointed as I was really looking forward to going for the Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition.

And I was nearly going to get angry when he finally showed up at my door.. But changed my mind the moment I saw him holding out a nice bouquet for me. (He actually got me a fake cloth rose the day before when he came to fetch me off work, so I wasn't exactly expecting him to get me some real flowers.) And since he told me the reason for him being late was because the florist had gotten his flowers wrong and he had to…