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BF's Convocation

BF's Convocation Ceremony - Tuesday, 30th July 2013.


I'm finally back (again) to continue on from where I've left off from two entries back. I'm very much determined to complete this post even though it's 12:45am right now and I've to wake up later at 6am for work! #nomoreprocrastinating

As I recalled, I've briefly shared about the handmade minion that I've made for my Boyfriend for his convocation.. But I guess I've left out on how the idea of the "minion" actually came about..

It all started when this boy told me that he wanted a graduation "owl" plush right after he saw one at the studio where he got his graduation robe. It was one (or two) weeks before his actual convocation day, and I was determined to get him one after he mentioned it. So I went to do a search online trying to look up for one. You might think that it should be fairly easy to find one (because that was exactly what I thought), but it's actually k…

Company's Dinner @ Hard Rock Café RWS

Finally getting down to blog about the company's dinner that took place last Monday at Hard Rock Café, RWS!

I was actually scheduled to be off on Monday but ended up travelled all the way back to Sentosa just for this dinner. Almost wanted to skip it if they didn't told me it was compulsory to attend.

Apparently this dinner was specially put up just for our store as a form of reward for us due to the fact that we had been constantly hitting our store target for the past few months!

Since Starters had already been ordered for us, we began to order our drinks and mains once we had settled down..

The menu had really limited choices when it comes to the selection of steaks. Never been a fan of black pepper, hence I decided to go with the New York Strip Steak as opposed to the NZ Pepper Steak. And well, that day also happened to be one of the rare days when I can actually pick something that I really want on the menu without actually looking at the price.

While waiting for our mai…