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Adventure Cove Waterpark in RWS

After nearly two months, I'm finally sitting down drafting out a proper blog post again!

Honestly, life sucks when you spent most of your time / days working.. And I suppose it worst when you didn't know how to prioritise your stuff or manage your time. (Take me as a very good example.) I think I really need to work on managing my time better so that my life doesn't just consist of my full time job.

Anyway, I specially asked the Boyfriend to take one day of AL last Thursday to accompany me to Adventure Cove Waterpark in RWS. My sister actually gave me a pair of tickets together with an S$20 F&B voucher and they were both going to expire at the end of this month. Hence I decided to find a weekday when I'm off from work and ask the Boyfriend to come along with me, since the both of us hasn't been there before.

Somehow it felt like it been quite awhile since we actually went on a proper dates whereby we get to spend the whole day together.

We were supposed to meet…