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What I Got for Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful and terrific Christmas celebration this year!

I actually celebrated my Christmas on Christmas Eve; whereby the Boyfriend and I managed to go for a really nice buffet lunch at Four Seasons Hotel, followed by shopping and movie in town, and eventually do our little gift exchange when the clock strike midnight. (Didn't take that many photos that day, hence I don't think I'm going to do a full blog post on that.) Then on Christmas Day, we actually went for a little shopping at IKEA in the afternoon then decided to stay in that night and watched DVDs at the boyfriend's.

Nothing fanciful this year, but I really prefer it this way.

And apart from all that, I've also been soaking up the Christmas spirit by 1) Playing Christmas songs in my room (My top three favourite songs for this year is definitely "My Only Wish (This Year)", "Santa Baby" and "Last Christmas") 2) Decorating my room…

Black Friday Haul 2013

I was so excited that I finally get to make some purchase from Bath & Body Works's US site during Black Friday (November 29) and have them shipped directly to my doorstep!

Last year I was very lucky to have the Boyfriend hand carried all my B&BW goodies back to Singapore from Turkey & Dubai. But seeing that the both of us were stuck in Singapore this year, we decided to do our shopping online and have the items shipped to us. However, one main issue with shopping at B&BW online is that they don't do shipping to Singapore. As such, we had no choice but to rely on a third-party site to help us with the ordering and shipping.

Shipping wasn't cheap; in fact, we ended up paying close to USD70 - 80 for the express DHL shipping. Thankfully, most items that we got were on huge discounts in conjunction to Black Friday so it kind of make up for the high shipping cost.

Universal Studios Singapore 2013

It's hard to believe that it has been two years since I last stepped into Universal Studios Singapore, because it definitely didn't feel that long to me. But as I looked back at my past blog entries, I realised my last day of work in USS was actually on 22nd Sept 2011; which makes it more than two years since I last went back.

So when the Boyfriend brought up the idea of going back to USS last Friday, it seriously got me really excited!

It was slightly passed 11am when we reached Resort World Sentosa, and in the past I would have considered it to be very late (since the park opens at 10am daily). However this time round I honestly thought it was okay; probably because I wasn't really looking at going for all the rides / attractions. It was more of a relaxing trip for us and I love the fact that we don't have to rush and run around the entire park going after every single attractions.

So right after reaching RWS, we decided to head straight to the RWS invites Counter (l…