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Saturday's Breakfast at PIQUE.NIQUE

Saturday's breakfast at PIQUE.NIQUE JCube with the Boyfriend!

Norwegian Benedict vs. Farmer's Omelette
It must have been awhile since we last went to pique.nique..

I was craving for some eggs this morning so I suggested going there for our breakfast.

Wasn't aware that they've changed their menu.. And I totally think that their current menu is so much better than before. So much love for the Farmer's Omelette!

First Day of 2014 (Buffet at Straits Café @ Rendezvous / 2 Degree Ice Art)

Not wanting to stay home on the first day of the New Year, the Boyfriend and I decided to head down to town.

It was around 3pm while we were on our way down to Orchard and we were considering on where to go for our lunch, when the Boyfriend suggests having buffet. It was just a few days ago on Christmas Eve when we went for a buffet at Four Seasons Hotel and now he's craving to have buffet again. We decided to check online on the available buffet we were able to find in town and chance upon the Straits Café @ Rendezvous, located within the Rendezvous Grand Hotel.

And I must say we must be really lucky to have made it just in time for their High Tea which starts from 3pm to 5pm.

There were definitely a lot more food than what it's shown here but those were mostly in covered trays so it seems pointless for me to take a picture of.

I usually prefer to start off with something light (and easy on the stomach) while the Boyfriend on the other hand, always seem to go full on with ri…

Last of 2013

Last of 2011
Last of 2012

It has been a yearly affair to do a blog post to sum up the past year.. So here's one for twenty-thirteen!

66th Monthsary [ 7th January ]

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