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2014 Hong Kong - Day 2 (Ladies Street / Sneakers Street / Fa Yuen Street / Temple Street)

2014 Hong Kong - Day 1 (The Cityview Hotel / Avenue of Stars / A Symphony of Lights)

Our Day 2 in Hong Kong was basically spent going to all the popular / well known streets in Hong Kong, and that includes Ladies Street, Fa Yuen Street / Sneakers Street and Temple Street. Oh, and we also went to the popular Argyle Centre located within Mong Kok area.

Quick OOTD shot before we head out of the door..

Weather was still pretty cold that day and we were worried that it might rain in the afternoon, hence the umbrella.

However, a part of me really does enjoy the cooling weather in Hong Kong because I get to wear my furry outerwear out! Judging from the weather here, I don't think I will even get the chance to wear it in Singapore. On top of that, I was also wearing my boots anywhere I go. Similarly, it was my first time wearing on this trip and I was seriously afraid that it might be uncomfortable because that was the only pair of footwear (apart from a pair of slipper, which I ended up…