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Estée Lauder Private Sale

Throwback to the Estée Lauder Private Sale event held earlier this month at Suntec City Convention Hall :)

My sister actually managed to get us admission tickets through a friend of hers who is working in Estee Lauder.. I decided to tag along partly to accompany her and also to see if there's anything worth buying.

Even though this was a private event and admission only starts at 10:30am, we heard from her friends that people had been queuing up since as early as 8am! We only managed to reach at around 11:40am, and were shocked to find a queue foaming outside the convention hall.

And the queue continues even after we've enter the convention hall. I think it took us a good forty-five minutes to an hour just to get to the front of the queue. The queue moved fairly slowly since they required everyone to deposit their bags at the counter.

By the time we deposited our bags and got inside, a lot of the products were already sold-out or running low in stocks. I actually went with the…

7th Years of Knowing You / The Line Restaurant

Late last month, the Boyfriend and I celebrated our seventh years of knowing each other.

There are many times when we would talk about how we met and it’s incredible how the both of us still hold vivid memories of that particular day.

So to celebrate this significant day, the Boyfriend promised to bring me out to somewhere nice for dinner.

We arranged to meet at Orchard that evening and after picking me up at ION, we took the taxi down to Shangri-La Hotel. Dinner that night was buffet at the-line.

There was some event going on in the hotel so as a result, the restaurant was pretty crowded when we arrived.

The only photo for that night as the lightings were terrible and all my pictures came out with a orange tint.

Thank you for the flowers and the new charms for my Pandora.

As the restaurant was packed, I didn't feel comfortable walking around snapping pictures.. So here are just some pictures of the foods that we had that night.

Apart from the above, we also had multiple serving…

Review: Little Black Beauty Box (May)

Late last month, the Boyfriend actually surprised me with The Little Black Beauty Box from styleXstyle.

I recalled him telling me how all these subscription box(s) are slowly closing down one after another.. (Either he read it in the news or he get to know about it through his analytic skills.) And I remember him asking me why I didn't subscribe to any of these beauty boxes since I'm so into beauty / make-up related items. I would never have guessed that he would secretly go and sign up one of this beauty box for me.

The truth is I did think about subscribing to one of them.. But the problem lies with which one I should get since there are so many different ones (LBBB, Bellabox, VanityTrove, etc) available in the market.

There are many times whereby I went to check out their website, but I just didn't make it to the end and click onto the check-out button. A big part of me actually fear that I might not like the sample size products that came in the box.. And with that mo…

McDelivery / H&M / Movie: X-Men

I can't remember if I've mentioned this on my blog, but my sleeping schedule is completely screwed up! I've been sleeping before dawn and waking up in the early afternoon.

Just the other day, I fell asleep at around 5am and got awaken by the Boyfriend's message at 10:30am. In the message he told me that my breakfast was on the way and I should probably wake up and wait for the delivery guy to come over with my Mcdelivery.

I immediately got shocked at that instant and rolled out of my bed.

I basically slept with my face mask (as a spot treatment) and woke up looking like this!

I bet the delivery guy is going to get scared and later laugh at me if I went to open up my door looking like this. Thankfully, I was fast enough to wash up my face before he reached.

What you saw above was the Boyfriend's attempt of trying to adjust my sleeping schedule back to normal.. By luring me with McDonald's breakfast!

He managed to succeed that day.. But unless he's going to …

Secret Recipe / Sephora Sale / E2Max

Wearing Maybelline's Lip Polish in "Pop 5" on the lips that day..

So far, I'm in love with the formula and colour of the Lip Polish. It has a gel like texture and glide on smoothly on the lips with a very glossy finish! So glad that I managed to get it for BOGO at Watsons!

Managed to do a little shopping while I'm on the bus down to town to meet the Boyfriend for dinner! I guess that's the convenience of having a smartphone / tablets! I can still remember the day when I got my first handphone back when I was in Primary 6! Back then, we could only use our phone for making phone calls and SMS and I was happy enough. And now, it's a torture to go a day without having 3G / wifi / internet!

Met up with the Boyfriend at Plaza Singapura and had our dinner at Secret Recipe..

Decided that it's about time we cut down on dining at fanciful (expensive) restaurant. Easily S$50 spent for each meal and I can only imagine how bad and taxing it will be on the wallet …

Second Trip to JB City Square

Shortly after our first trip to JB City Square, we decided to make a second visit on the following weekend. The main reason of going in was to get the other two Hello Kittys from McDonald's for my sister.. And we thought we could also catch a movie there since movie tickets are relatively cheaper as compared to Singapore.

Met up with the Boyfriend at around 3:30pm, after I'm done shopping at Causeway Point and we once again took bus 950 in to Malaysia Johor Bahru.

First thing we did upon reaching City Square was to grab a crepe! We had the Chocolate + Cheese crepe previously and it was quite nice (and affordable too), so we decided to get one before our lunch / movie.

Got the Chocolate + Peanut one for only RM3.90!

Thereafter, we went to check out the Cathay cinema at Level 5 and were happy to see that there were available shows for Brick Mansion, so we immediately join the queue and got our tickets for the 5:30pm show.

Movie tickets in Malaysia are seriously so much cheaper…

Saturday Date @ Pique Nique Ngee Ann City

Saturday date with the Boyfriend in town.

He suggested having Pique Nique for lunch at Ngee Ann City and I can never say no; knowing how much I love their Farmer's Omelette!

Now that I've learnt my lesson, I will always double check with the Boyfriend to ensure that he will love what he ordered because I didn't want to share my omelette with him. Haa. There are far too many times that he didn't like what he ordered and half way through our meals he will ask to switch his food for mine.

Farmer's Omelette

Mac & Cheese

We also ordered fries because we saw the table next to ours order it and we got tempted!

Unfortunately, the Farmer's Omelette I had that day wasn't as good as before. Disappointed! Still, I will definitely be back again to give it another try because I really love the combination of eggs with mushroom, bacon bits and diced potatoes.