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BF's Graduation 2014

After graduating from NTU last year with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, this guy has graduated yet again for the second time; this time with a diploma in technopreneurship. I'm happy and very proud of him for his determination (making sure to attend all his classes even if it means that he had to sacrifice two weekday nights and/or weekend morning per week just to complete all the modules and graduate within that one year period).

With this diploma, I hope that it will open up more doors for him in terms of his future career choices and also enable him to continue to pursue the passion that he's so passionate and certain of.

One thing for sure, he's someone that is very determined and self-motivated once he set his goals and that will always be one good traits of his. In some way he never fail to make me feel that I can always rely on him to guide me no matter what's ahead of me. Throughout the past seven years he had did that more than once, twice…