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Café Hopping in Tiong Bahru

Last Sunday, the Boyfriend and I made a spontaneous trip to Tiong Bahru and managed to make some great discoveries for cafés around the area.

But before I move on to the café, here's my outfit of the day.

Dressed in TCL After Party Abstract Romper for easy movement and comfort in the warm weather.

Love the cut of this romper, which makes me appear to be slimmer than what I actually am.

Back to the cafés..

Tiong Bahru isn't an unfamiliar place to me for the reason that my grandparent's happened to stay in Bukit Ho Swee and I used to spend a significant part of my childhood around that area. However, as I grew older, I slowly lost touch with that place and it been awhile since I last took a walk around that area.

For that, it was rather refreshing when the Boyfriend and I decided to make a visit there on Sunday's afternoon.

The weather was rather warm that day considering we were there at around two o'clock but somehow we were rather enthusiastic to be walking arou…

USS Halloween Horror Nights 4 (2014)

Back to share about the first (probably also the one and only) Halloween event that I went for this year - Universal Studios Singapore: Halloween Horror Nights 4.

Earlier this month, the Boyfriend came up with the suggestion of going to USS for HHN4.

We don't usually celebrate or do anything special for Halloween, and the only Halloween event that we've ever been to was the one held at Scape. We've never been to the one at Universal Studios (Okay, technically I've been once, back in the days when I'm still working in USS. But I don't think that should be counted since the scale of the Halloween event is nowhere as large as compare to the recent years).. So when we know that USS is offering a promotional price for RWS Invites cardholders, we decided to jump on the opportunities and got tickets for the event.

There was actually three promotions going-on for RWS Invites:
1. Event ticket at S$50 (UP S$68)
2. "Frequent Fear Pass" at S$88 (UP S$118)
3. R.…