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2014 Seoul - Day 3 (Tosokchon Samgyetang / Anguk / Hongik Univ / LOTTE Mart)

Weather was pretty much the same as the day before? Even though it did drop to 5°C the night before.

Throughout our trip, the weather didn't really fluctuate much. Average temperature was between 5 to 12°C? I was so thankful that there was no sign of rashes despite being in such a cold weather. I've since came to the conclusion that I will only get rashes when I'm in an air-conditioned room / mall when the air was being "recycled"? Rashes don't seem to come to me when I'm walking in the open air no matter what the temperature was.

Took the subway down to Gyeongbokgung Station again on Day 3 to have the legendary Tosokchon samgyetang that we failed to try the day before due to the long queues.

Glad that we managed to go earlier because there wasn't much of a queue when we reached. Perhaps also because it was on a Monday. So happy that we were able to get a table rather quickly and most importantly don't have to queue in this cold weather.

As Toso…