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TRANSFORMERS 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Singapore

On a random Saturday (exactly one month ago), the Boyfriend and I made an spontaneous trip to the Science Centre for the Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition.

We actually didn't plan on going (I thought the exhibition will be too kiddy and meant more for families with kids) but guess we just ran out of ideas on where to go, and since we were in Jurong East, why not!

Prior to that, I met up with the Boyfriend at West Mall for lunch.

And because he was there before I do, he offered to queue and got me froyo from Ilao Ilao.

Late on the bandwagon.. It was my second time trying Ilao Ilao and surprisingly it actually tastes so much nicer as compared to the first time. We went for a sanum (frozen yogurt + choice of fruits, crunch and sauce) for sharing. For S$6.90, you get to choose three fruits, one crunch and one sauce. I decided to go for strawberries, rock melon, mango, crushed oreo and dark chocolate sauce.

Will probably have it again in the future if the queue wasn't too cr…