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2015 Bangkok - Day 7 (SOMTAM / Victory Monument / Ramkhamhaeng Night Market)

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Day 7 in Bangkok!

Started our day by discussing what we should have for our lunch.. Which ended up with me suggesting walking down to Siam area to look for a restaurant called SOMTAM. Read quite a few online reviews recommending their fried chicken so I was really looking forward to try it!

Glad that it didn't take us too long to locate the place. Basically it's located on the left side of Siam Square One. If you are walking down from the main street, you should be able to spot it quite easily. Just keep a lookout for the signage.

We reached there at slightly before 2pm and were given a seat immediately.

Based on the online reviews, the highlights of their menu include an assortment of papaya salads (also known as "som tam" in Thai) and fried chicken. When it comes to fried chicken, I ain't going to say no especially when I'm in Bangkok.

What we ordered: Fried chicken, fried thai rice-flour noodles, s…

2015 Bangkok - Day 6 (Chinatown / Asiatique The Riverfront)

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First thing to do in the morning: Unwrapping the roses that we got the night before from the Flower Market.

And appreciate the beauty while it lasts.

It was a pity that we didn't have a vase to put up the roses, so they actually didn't survive well in the end.

Bangkok's Chinatown
Moving on to Day 6 of our Bangkok trip, we booked a driver to bring us to Chinatown. For THB300, the driver actually drove us to and fro from Chinatown.

If you can allocate some free time out from your itinerary, I highly recommend that you make a trip down to Bangkok's Chinatown (Yaowarat). Apart from going to Yaowarat Road at night for the endless choice of food options (well known for its Chinese restaurants selling all sort of fresh seafood), the morning market at Chinatown is equally interesting and definitely worth a visit.

For me, I always went there for one thing, and that is to stock up on my hair accessories. Their hair bands/hair…