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2015 Singapore Night Safari

19 July 2015

Do a search on my blog and realized our last trip to Night Safari was sometime in year 2008. Though I agree that Night Safari is not a place that you would go every year (or every other year), it definitely worth a revisit especially after seven years.

To be honest, we actually didn't plan to revisit the place. It just so happened that I saw the advertisement at the bus stop when we were deciding on places to go on a Sunday evening and the next moment we were on a taxi making our way to Mandai.

If you let me choose between Night Safari and Zoo, I'll definitely pick the latter because there are so many more animals to see and the pictures just turn out nicer in board daylight. But I guess Night Safari has a charm in it owns way and that's probably why it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

Since it been so long since my previous visit, I've no idea how much their admission tickets cost / works. It turns out that each adult ticket co…

2015 Bali - Day 5 (Bali Collection / Ngurah Rai International Airport)

Down to the very last day of our Bali trip!

Our flight was in the evening and that gave us plenty of time to have our breakfast, do some shopping, before coming back to collect our luggage and head to the airport. I was surprised that I actually managed to wake up at 8am, despite sleeping at 2+am the night before. Took a hot shower, packed some of my stuff before heading downstairs for breakfast at 9:30am. Even though breakfast is served daily from 7am to 10am, most of the time we only managed to go down after 9am.

I used to be someone who will wake up very early when I'm overseas because I didn't want to waste time in the hotel room when the time can be better spent exploring the country. However, now that I'm travelling more, I realized that I want my trip to be as relaxing as possible instead of constantly chasing behind time.

The Boyfriend's creation which consists of French toast, one slice of cheese, ham and fried egg white.

Made a quick trip to Lippo Mall right …