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2015 Bangkok II - Day 3 (26th Birthday / Dahra Beauty & Spa / Dean & Deluca / BAR.B.Q PLAZA)

Day 3 in Bangkok, which also happened to be the day I turned 26!

Started the day with breakfast at the hotel, before rushing off for our full spa treatment at Dahra Beauty & Spa. The appointment was scheduled at 10:00, but we ended up being late for almost half an hour.

The reason being: We were having breakfast halfway when the Boyfriend told me he needs to use the washroom and ended up disappearing for almost half an hour. I was panicking and almost got mad at him because we were already running late for our appointment and there he was, missing. It turns out, he used that as an excuse and sneakily went to the concierge to make arrangement for my birthday surprise (more on that later) which explain why it took him so long to return.

We eventually took a cab down to Dahra Beauty & Spa (Silom branch) from our hotel and only managed to reach there at around 10:30.

Coming down from the cab and saw there was a money changer right there and since we were already late, might as wel…