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2015 Bangkok II - Day 4 (Pratunam Morning Market / Airport / Bangkok Haul)

Last day in Bangkok!

Took pictures with my bouquet before we head out to Pratunam market. Didn't plan to bring my bouquet back to Singapore, hence have to make full use of it and snap more pictures.

Back to Chan Thai Massage for an hour of foot massage! One thing I am going to miss most about Bangkok is definitely the affordable and good foot massages!

Pratunam Morning Market

Street foods from Pratunam Morning Market.

Here's a 7-minute video clip I took while roaming around Pratunam Morning Market at 09:00. I thought maybe a video is a better way to show you what to expect and how busy the place is in the morning.

(Click on Settings > Quality to watch it in HD)

Crossed over to Pantip Plaza to have A&W before heading back to the hotel.

Though we always come here to have A&W, we have never really shopped at Pantip Plaza. I heard it's very similar to Singapore's Sim Lim / Funan? Lots of shops selling electronic related stuff.

While walking back to the hotel, we…