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04/2016 Bangkok Haul

Just came back on Monday from my 5D4N trip to Bangkok. Before I start unpacking all the items, I thought I will show you what I got from the trip. Let's start with a Bangkok Haul before I move on to blog about the actual trip!

I will try to list down the prices and places I got the items if I can remember..


Lays Potato Chips in Hot Chili Squid Flavor, 75g – 35 baht (Big C Supermarket)
Lays Potato Chips in Scallop Butter Garlic Flavor, 105g (Big C Supermarket / 7-Eleven)
Lays Potato Chips in Honey Butter (Big C Supermarket / 7-Eleven)
Lays Potato Chips in Popcorn Caramel, 38g (exclusive at 7-Eleven)
Preserved Mango (Big C Supermarket)
Tom Yum Grilled Seaweed, 12pcs value pack – 120 baht (King Power Duty Free)
Thai (Milk) Tea, 5 sachet (Big C Supermarket)
Kunna Oven-baked Crispy Coconut (Big C Supermarket)
Virgin Coco CocoWaffle Original – 109 baht (Big C Supermarket)
Virgin Coco Cococup Original – 109 baht (Big C Supermarket)
Bangkok Cookies Tom Yum – 170 baht (King Power Du…

Daddy's 60th Birthday / Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Hi there!

Sorry, I disappeared again. Got caught up with work lately and as a result didn't really have time to sign in to blogger.

Just going to do a quick post today before I disappear again.


Celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday earlier in January and I didn't have time to process the pictures until now. We went to Trick Eye Museum at RWS because my elder sister had 4 free tickets and since my sister had been wanting to visit, we decided to head down that day.

Parked the car at Vivo City, because who wants to pay for exorbitant parking fee at RWS? And since we were at Vivo City, we agreed to have lunch first before entering RWS. Lunch was at our favourite "Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee".

Best eaten with lots of chilli!

All of us had kolo mee, except the youngest sister who had the curry chicken with rice.

Tickets to Trick Eye Museum.

We took lots of pictures that day but clearly I wasn't going to upload every single one here. Maybe I will just share t…