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04/2016 Bangkok - Day 3 (Central World / Big C / MK Restaurant)

Looking back, it seems like we didn't actually do much on our third day, even though it was a weekend (Saturday). Our initial plan was to head down to Chatuchak, but that didn't happen due to time constraint.

Quick breakfast at the hotel, before heading out to Pratunam.

Accompanied my dad to the tailor to try on his tailored pants. He requested for some minor adjustments to be made, and we were told that the pants would be ready later that day and they will have them delivered directly to our hotel.

Leaving the tailor, we decided to go our separate ways. Reason being, my sister wanted to head to the mall, but my parents weren't keen. So we decided that my sister and I will head over to the mall for some shopping, whereas my parents and god-ma will go to Chinatown instead. We then agreed to meet back at the hotel later in the afternoon.

The road leading towards Central World. Apparently, they're building a new skywalk, hence the difference. There are still some make-shi…

04/2016 Bangkok - Day 2 (Chinatown / Talad Rod Fai Night Market)

Surprisingly, I managed to wake up before 07:00. Probably because the sky is completely bright at six plus in the morning.

Started Day 2 with breakfast at our hotel (located on the 10th floor).

The first thing I noticed when I went down – They have quite a big sitting area. We got ourselves a table that is big enough for six. Once seated, the waiter/waitress will come over with coffee and tea.

Foods are divided into four different sections:
- Cereals, salad, sushi, fruits, ice water and fruit juice
- Sandwiches, waffle, pancakes and pastries
- Rice, noodle and assorted Chinese dishes
- Eggs, Western (ham, sausages, etc.) and soupy noodle

You can choose a variety of sauces to go along with your waffle, like chocolate, honey and maple.

Can't remember when was the last time I sat down and had breakfast with my parents.

Thai version of "noodle soup with fish ball".

After having a heavy breakfast at the hotel, we headed straight out to roam the streets of Bangkok. Walked ove…