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03/2016 Bali - Day 4 (Meeting at Pan Pacific / Ogoh-ogoh Festival)

Fourth day in Bali / eve of Nyepi day.

Started my day really early because the Boyfriend had a meeting scheduled in the morning at Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort. We were scheduled to check-out Berry Biz Hotel that day and move to our next accommodation. So what we did was an early check-out at 7am, go for our business meeting and then went straight to check-n to our next accommodation at noon.

Took a Grabcar and reached Pan Pacific at around 7:30am?

The first thing we saw when we arrived at the lobby was this huge Ogoh-ogoh.

Can you see how big it is?

And in case you thought this is a permanent statue, the statue is only there because of Nyepi day.

History of Ogoh-Ogoh

Ogoh-ogoh is a sort of statue built for special purpose in Ngerupuk Day (a day before Nyepi or known as "Silent Day") and usually showcases and parades in a village festival on the eve of Nyepi day in Bali. Ogoh-ogoh normally has form of mythological begins, mostly demons and sometimes the gods manifestations.…

03/2016 Bali - Day 3 (Berry Biz Hotel / Le'Sica Bali Bakery and Restaurant)

Day 3 in Bali and we had lunch at Brown & Butter café again. My initial plan was to head out to the Cosmic restaurant since it's just close by to our hotel. But I was having second thoughts after reading some of the reviews online, so we ended up staying in the hotel for Fish & Chips.

By the time the Boyfriend came back from his meeting in Seminyak, it was almost 3pm when we came down for lunch. The place was actually pretty quite in the afternoon. So I can understand why some days he preferred to come down to work instead of staying in the room.

Plenty of tables and chairs around for working.

Some pictures around the hotel:


After an afternoon of meeting / work and procrastination, we finally decided to head outside for dinner. Called for a Grabcar to bring us to Denpasar because the Boyfriend wanted to bring me to one of the cafés that he went to previously.

Despite the frequent visits to Bali, it was my second time to Denpasar. I remembered coming once on our very …

03/2016 Bali - Day 1 & 2 (Flight / Berry Biz Hotel / Menega Cafe Jimbaran Beach)

Right after our January trip to Bali, I took a second trip to Bali in March 2016. (It was the third trip for the Boyfriend since he went once in February, without me) It was mainly for work, but we did have some fun along the way.

Prior to Bali, the Boyfriend actually went to Solo for a few days. I decided to skip Solo and join him directly in Bali instead. My second time flying solo! This time round it wasn't as scary as compared to the first time since it was a direct flight from Singapore to Bali (no transit) and it was only 2.5 hours away.

My flight was at 3:20pm, so it was around evening when I reached Bali. The Boyfriend came to pick me up at the airport.

No check-in luggage because it will be too much trouble. Just a cabin bag for a two weeks' trip. Sometimes I really surprised myself. So guys, two weeks in a carry-on is indeed possible! Tried and tested!

This trip consists of ten days in Bali and four days in Jakarta. I reached Bali on 5th March, left for Jakarta on 14…