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06/2016 Hong Kong - Day 1 (Arrival / Mini Hotel Causeway Bay / Cafe Matchbox / 池記)

Hi, everyone! I'm back again to share about my (not-so-recent) trip to Hong Kong, which took place in early June 2016.

Please bear with me as I still had quite a number of backlogs to clear. Once I completed my Hong Kong posts, I will then move on to blog about Santorini / Rome (July 2016) and Bali (late July to early August 2016).

This year is really full of adventures, hence it appears like I've been blogging non-stop about my overseas trip. But the end is near (I'm looking at maybe one last trip for this year in October). Looking forward to clearing all my backlogs so that I can start blogging about other things that I'm interested in.

Back to the Hong Kong trip...

The reason behind this trip was mainly due to work commitment. The Boyfriend first brought up the idea of going to Hong Kong for RISE Conference, and subsequently, suggest that we could take this opportunity to make it as a half-leisure-half-business trip. Because I've only been to Hong Kong once and…