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07/2016 Santorini - Day 2 (9th Anniversary / Surprise Proposal)

Continue on with Part II of Day 2 in Santorini.

7th July 2016
- Day 2 in Santorini
- Our 9th year anniversary
- The day I got engaged

When I told people it was a surprise proposal, no one believes me. The first thing they say to me was "Didn't you see it coming?" or "Oh, it's so obvious". To that, I don't know how I was supposed to answer.

Yes, (prior to this trip) I knew all along that he will be proposing to me soon (most likely before the end of 2016) because our house is coming next year and we'll need to register our marriage by then in order to collect our keys. #asamatteroffact

We have been together for nine years. NINE. I think I mentioned it before - My parents dated for seven years before they got married. And when I was young, I always thought seven years was a very long time and I never once thought that I will be dating someone for more than seven years before tieing the knot.

But somehow, I (we) did. It happened.

We didn't get e…

07/2016 Santorini - Day 2 (Petit Palace / Fira Town)

Continue on with Day 2 of my Santorini trip - Probably the most memorial day out of my entire two weeks trip! The day when the Boyfriend proposed.

Surprisingly, we managed to wake up early and went up to the restaurant to have our breakfast at 08:00. The hotel is designed in such a way whereby it slopes down from the main road. Our room was situated right at the bottom level, which means we'll have to either take the lift or climb up the stairs every day to get to the restaurant / lobby / main road.

For breakfast, we could either have it outside our room or have it at the restaurant. We figured we will go up to the restaurant so as to get a better view of the surrounding.

There were both indoor and outdoor sitting, and we chose to sit outside so as to enjoy a view like this:

My camera went crazy and hence my pictures all turn out to have a blue tint.

Being so close to the sea, it was super windy and chilly in the morning.

Breakfast spread:

The day before, we were given a piece of…