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Last of 2016

It's time to do a recap of all the things that happened in 2016! This is no doubt one of my favourite blog posts to make and I realised I had been doing it since 2011. That's a whopping six years!

Just last month, I did a blog post on "Turning 27th - 26 Highlights From the Past Year" and this post is going to be very similar to that. However, I will be adding in even more details and more pictures because after all, I'm summing up an entire year into a single blog entry. I've to showcase some of my favourite photos!

Once again, I will try to put a link if there happened to be a blog post associated with it.



Started off the year with a sumptuous dinner with the Boyfriend at Chili's. It may not seem like much, but I believe it helps to put me in a chirpy mode when I know I'm starting off the year on the right foot. [ 1st January ]