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08/2016 Bali - Day 2 (Alila Seminyak / Seafood Selection / Alila Living)

As I was typing out the title of this blog post, I wonder how many times have the term "Alila Seminyak" appear in the past one year. Seem like I've been writing a lot about them. If you missed out or interested in any of the previous blog posts, you could search for it either by using the search function (found in the sidebar) or just click on the "Travels" tab located at the top of this page.

Regardless, I'm back with more pictures today! Took some more pictures of the room because I realised I forgot to switch on the lightings when I took the pictures the day before.

Took the above pictures with the curtain drawn and sliding doors wide open.

Then I decided to draw the curtain, and it immediately transforms the way/mood of the room.

Now it looks so much more cosy!


Day 2 started with an early breakfast at The Restaurant. If I'm not mistaken, we were at the restaurant before 07:00? Didn't take any pictures during breakfast because the breakfast&…

08/2016 Bali - Day 1 (Breakfast at Épice Alila Solo / Alila Seminyak)

3rd August 2016 - Our last day in Solo before flying off to Bali in the afternoon. Nothing much left to do, so we simply had our breakfast at Épice, before checking out Alila Solo and heading straight to the airport.

Didn't take that many pictures during breakfast as I already took a fair share of photos in the last couple of days and I was honestly getting quite bored of shooting. What you see here (on my blog) is probably less than half of the pictures I took.

I was secretly looking forward to a more relaxing trip once we head over to Bali.


Third time back to Bali (in 2016) and third time staying at Alila Seminyak. I never failed to feel thankful for their kind hospitality every single time we were there. Even though we were there for work purposes, we weren't obliged to do anything? I just love walking around the premises and snapping pictures of the surrounding because it was simply beautiful.

It was slightly before 17:00 by the time we reached Bali and checked in to A…