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10/2016 Tokyo - Day 7 (Edo Castle / Tokyo Station)

It has been a week since we came to Tokyo and so far, we have only been to Ikebukuro, Asakusa, Ueno, Shibuya and Harajuku. Out of all these places, we spent a huge chunk of time in Ikebukuro since there's where our first and second Airbnb were. There were so much to shop and eat around the vicinity; it almost felt like there was no need to step out of Ikebukuro. Nevertheless, we did still go out of Ikebukuro since there were specific places on my list that I wanted to check out like the Senso-ji Temple, the Hachiko Statue outside Shibuya Station and Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

We certainly could have done better with all the time we had, but I guessed we got comfortable (laid back) since our trip was 16-days long. It certainly makes us think that we had more than enough time to cover all the places we like to visit before the end of our holiday. The first week was also when we got all the freedom since the fiancé has yet to start his filming for his web analytics course. As such…

10/2016 Tokyo - Day 6 (Ikebukuro / Sunshine City / Pokemon Center)

Didn't get to do much on Day 6 aside from going to the Pokemon Center at Sunshine City. Had been playing Pokemon Go since the start of August, so of course we have to check out the Pokemon Center.

Reached Ikebukuro Station at around 16:00. Our original plan was to go for lunch/dinner at one of the gaming sushi place. The one whereby you can win gachapon by eating sushi? I didn't know what's the exact name you call it, but according to our Japanese friends, they call it the "gaming sushi place".

Took us awhile before we finally located the place. Went inside and what greeted us was a very long line. Still, we went ahead and obtained a queue ticket thinking we would come back later for dinner. However, we didn't end up going back as we were too hungry, so we decided to have our lunch/dinner elsewhere and find a time to come back again.

Initially, we wanted to get this as our snack before lunch/dinner. We went past this store a couple of times previously and go…