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01/2017 Bangkok - Day 3 (Suvarnabhumi International Airport)

Last day in Bangkok! Even though we were there for 3D2N, the truth is, we only have about two days in Bangkok. Day 3 was pretty much non-existence since our flight was at 12:15.

After checking out of the hotel, we called for Grab and headed straight to the airport. I thought it would be cheaper to take Grab compared to a meter taxi, but guess I was wrong because I ended up paying close to THB400 for the ride from the hotel (The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam) to the airport. I don't remember it being this expensive, especially when traffic was considerably okay throughout the journey.

While collecting our boarding pass, we were told that our flight was delayed for an hour. So since we didn't have breakfast that morning, we decided to have our meal at the airport before boarding.

We picked this restaurant close to the far end of the airport, and the food turned out to be expensive and terrible!

Among the six of us, we ordered five dishes and none of them were good. I honestly believe …

01/2017 Bangkok - Day 2 (Chinatown / Talad Rod Fai Night Market)

Continue with Bangkok's Day 2!

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Day time view from our hotel room.

Bangkok's Chinatown
That morning, we decided to head down to Chinatown. The problem that accompanies a short trip is that we need to plan and prioritise the places we want to go. Aside from Chatuchak Weekend Market, Chinatown is another place we plan on going. My parents really enjoy going to Chinatown (evident from the previous trip) and to be honest, I love going to Chinatown too! The fun comes from squeezing and navigating through the narrow streets. You never know what kind of gems you might come across when shopping in Bangkok's Chinatown. The key is to keep walking. The deeper you go, the more things you can find. But please be careful and look at where you're going, and don't walk into any dark or quiet alleys!

Comparing Pratunam Morning Market and Chinatown Morning Market, I find…